CrossTec Remote Control - Desktop Management, Access, and Control

CrossTec Remote Control is designed to provide you with vital tools to help you access, control and support PCs across your operation. With CrossTec Remote Control you can easily and securely reach any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sun Solaris, or CE device from your desktop, Pocket PC, or from any temporary machine via an Internet browser plug-in.

See the remote PC's screen, control its keyboard and mouse, synchronize files, inventory its hardware and software, launch applications or chat with someone at the remote PC -- just as if you were seated at that computer.

Help Desk Options that Help You as well as Users

Plain and simple – CrossTec Remote Control is the ideal Help Desk tool. CrossTec Remote lets you securely control and support PCs anywhere throughout your local or global operation with features designed to make your job easier. CrossTec includes: chat options; printer redirect; white board with users; record screens for later playback; mark up and highlight screens; launch applications; log out and then back in as an administrator; reboot, turn off or even turn on machines; let users send you help request messages and much more.

Comprehensive Security

Protect your network, data and PCs from unauthorized access with industry leading security. CrossTec Remote Control provides comprehensive security that is built in to every module. CrossTec Remote provides multiple password protection options, integration with Windows Security, AES encryption up to 256 bit, advanced audit-trail logging, ability to create multiple user levels and much more.

Monitor Multiple PCs or Servers From your Screen
Monitor servers or users to identify and solve problems as they occur. CrossTec Remote Control allows you to view the screens of numerous PCs from a single screen as “Thumbnails”. You can also use CrossTec to set up a virtual training room – where you can send out real-time demo screens to your users.

Control troubled PCs in an instant – Even from Temporary PCs
CrossTec knows you are not tied to your chair. That is why with CrossTec Remote you can control PCs from not only your desktop PC, but from a CE device, via a USB drive or from any temporary PC – simply by launching a secure Internet Browser plug-in. Connect to and control any suitably configured client, anywhere in the world, over the Internet through an Internet Browser.

Fast File Transfers and Synchronization
Need to update a patch or file on one or one hundred PCs? CrossTec’s lightning fast file transfer, synchronization, and distribution utility enables you to copy files to multiple PCs simultaneously. Plus, “Delta File Transfer” speeds up redundant transfers by only copying the portions of files that are different on the different machines. Scripting and scheduling options let you perform these tasks at any time – even when you’re not there.

See Multiple PCs
CrossTec Remote Control's Monitor Mode allows a Control PC to display a "Thumbnail" view of all connected Client workstations simultaneously. Thumbnail size can be adjusted on the fly, as can the update interval. In addition, the Control users can mouse over a specific thumbnail and project demo screens in real-time to others for training.

Intuitive Interface
CrossTec Remote Control integrates directly with your desktop / network neighborhood, providing one click dynamic Control of target PCs. CrossTec also integrates directly with IE explorer, allowing you to launch key functionality directly from your system without needing to first start CrossTec Remote Control.

Hardware & Software Inventory
See a real-time view of the hardware and software installed on the target workstation such as applications in memory, installed hot-fixes, processes running and installed services. CrossTec's Linux client also now features full Hardware and Software Inventory reporting. For advanced asset management - Take a look at CrossTec EMS

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