CrossTec Remote Control®

CrossTec Remote Control® software is designed to provide you with vital tools to help you access, control and support computers across your operation.

Real solutions to real problems:

Specializing in challenging or compliance limiting environments, with CrossTec Remote Control® software you can easily and securely reach any desktop or server from a multitude of mobile or stationary platforms.

See and control remote PC screens, inventory hardware and software, launch applications or chat with someone at the remote PC -- just as if you were seated at that computer. CrossTec's Communication Gateway provides secure and stable access from remote locations. Access more than a single PC remotely, and no expensive hardware.

Full Featured Remote Support for the Enterprise or End Users
Platform Flexibility

Monitoring Systems with Interactive Thumbnails

Remote Control

Auto-grouping of Remote Systems

Full ITAM Integration with CrossTec EMS
File Transfer

Remote Inventory and System Information

Geo Location

Chat, Messages, Help Requests and Audio Support

Connection Capabilities

Remote Access in Finance : Confidence is Critical. In a world where finance is the fiber tying business around the globe. Protecting data, assets, and identities while ensuring infrastructure uptime requires a solution that is up to the task.
Remote Access for Point of Sale : Seconds Matter. You maximize transactions and profits when you minimize downtime. CrossTec Remote Control lets your IT stass resolve problems immediately, keeping critical path machines online longer and fixing issues faster.
Remote Access in Health Care : Everything is Critical. Caring for patient needs has to be done privately while communicating this data to staff who are monitoring all types of specialized medical devices. To accomplish this a proven solution that protects confidentiality and ensures compliance that works without fail is required.
Remote Access for Government : Effieciency is Key. Meet FIPS standards, manage user system outages in seconds, provide remote solutions, create an audit trail all with the most trusted remote control solution, CrossTec Remote Control. Position your IT staff where they need to be: ensuring the uptime of critical assets.
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