CrossTec SchoolVue Classroom Management and SchoolVue EMS software extends real time interaction, control, flexibility and student safeguarding to Chromebooks. 

Within the ever evolving world of 1 : 1 technology initiatives SchoolVue. helps schools combat costs while recapturing student interest with Chromebook support that increases instructional time and student productivity. In addition, SchoolVue 

Another great tool from most reliable and efficient classroom management tool in 1:1 environments.


SchoolVue Classroom Management for Chromebook Features:

View a crystal clear thumbnail of each student machine in a single view.

Zoom in to view a larger thumbnail of any selected student Chromebook.

The teacher can set objectives and expected outcomes for the current lesson.

Ask students to register at the start of each lesson.

Lock the student's mouse and keyboard when instructing.

Send an instant survey or request for feedback to each student and display results in real time.

The teacher can open a discussion session that all or selected students can join, enter their comments and share with the rest of the class.

Send an attention-grabbing message or instruction to each student machine.

Request Help facility - students can send a request for help to the teacher.

Block unauthorized websites.

Use approved websites only.

Block all Internet access.

Launch a website on the student Chromebook.

Block FTP Access.

See details of the website that students are currently viewing.

Click HERE to download our SchoolVue Classroom Management for Chromebooks Plug-In.

SchoolVue EMS eSafety and IT Asset Management for Chromebooks featutes:

The EMS Agent extension for Chrome is for use with CrossTec SchoolVue EMS (version 4.50 and above), a single, low-cost solution delivering IT Asset Management, Classroom Instruction, Internet Safety and more – with dedicated versions available for schools and corporate enterprises.


This extension supports EMS’ primary capabilities including:

Safeguarding Keyword Monitoring (Education version) – This tool helps schools protect students from being exposed to inappropriate online content. It alerts staff when students type or search for any terms that match with those in the DNA keyword database, providing safeguarding and internet safety indicators for self-harm, bullying, radicalization, Child Sexual exploitation - and much more.

Safeguarding Report a Concern (Education version) - Students can report concerns directly and discreetly to nominated school staff.

Real-time Monitoring - An Admin or Teacher via the Console can view a real-time summary of all Chrome OS devices. Selected devices can be viewed either in a detailed list view or via real-time thumbnails of each device screen.

Internet Metering - A summary of Internet activity via the extension is recorded, including start and finish times for each URL visited and the active time spent on a page.

Hardware Inventory - When the Chrome Browser is launched on a device, an inventory is dynamically sent to EMS.

Enterprise Alerting - Real-time alerts enable Console operators to immediately identify any user who has triggered a Safeguarding keyword.

Activity - Console operators can see a chronological view of device activity for a selected time period, including triggered Safeguarding phrases.