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The CrossCARE® Program

CrossTec offers a comprehensive and scaleable support package for users of CrossTec products. The CrossCARE maintenance program allows you to spend more time managing your day-to-day business operations and less time on software issues.

CrossCARE insures that you have access to the latest technical developments from CrossTec Corp. In addition to software upgrades, CrossCARE provides free, unlimited, priority access to CrossTec Technical Support to answer your questions. These programs protect your investment by keeping you informed and productive at all times. 

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades insure that you will be operating at the most current software release. Customers can rely on timely updates, which includes release documentation. Under CrossCARE, all software upgrades are included during the contract period making upgrades easier to budget than if individually purchased at around 40% of the normal retail price.

Web/FTP Site Access

CrossTec’s Web and FTP Site provide you with a quick and easy method to access, request, and receive information and assistance. This is ideal for quickly exchanging files/programs with CrossTec support engineers. Customers are encouraged to visit the CrossTec Web site Technical Support area for the latest information - such as technical bulletins and software updates – available the moment they are released.

Priority Call Status

With Priority Call Status you are now registered with CrossTec technical support. When you contact CrossTec you will receive preference over non-service customers.

Fast Toll-Free Telephone Support

CrossCARE Telephone Support allows two individuals from your company to have unlimited direct phone access to the CrossTec support team.

You can expect:

Unlimited telephone support from our help desk between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

A knowledgeable expert handles all calls. (Maximum 4-hour response time for any call which can not be taken directly). On-line access to CrossTec support staff via email and a Support Request Form.

On-Site Support

In the unlikely event that a problem can not be diagnosed or resolved by telephone, at the request of the customer CrossTec can provide on-site support for an additional daily charge.

Technical Bulletins

Regular statements are dispatched along with information on new releases of software. Subscribers are automatically placed on the CrossTec mailing list for product and service updates and details of our latest technical programs.

License Management

CrossTec provides free license management for all CrossCARE customers. If you should misplace your CrossTec serial number and then need it in order to reinstall or upgrade your CrossTec installation, CrossTec’s Customer Support Department will research and send you your CrossTec license number. If Customer Support can not locate your serial number they will be able to regenerate it for you. Normally the time consuming task of research or serial number regeneration costs $100 per incident.

For more information on CrossCARE programs, please contact Corporate Sales at 1-800-675-0729 or (561) 391-6560.

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