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Digital Citizenship


Combat Bullying


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SchoolVue® Classroom Management software provides teachers with an instant, on demand connection to their student technology. 

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SchoolVue® EMS contains a wealth of features designed to make School IT Management much easier while increasing student safety and well being. 

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features and benefits.


SchoolVue® VueAlert  Alert and Notification software allows a teachers or admins to deliver within message or instruction to all connected computers and devices with just a few clicks.

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01 / Focus


02 / Boost Outcomes

03 / Combat


04 / Digital 


05 / Save


06 / Save


Broadcast the Teacher

Blank and Lock Screens


Student Toolbar Keeps

Students Informed


Monitor or Take Control

of a Student Device

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Increase Time on Task

Deliver Instant Assessment Tools

like Surveys and Polls


Deliver Traditional Assessment

Tools like Quizzes and Tests

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Monitor Keywords and Phrases

Throughout the School

Apply Contextual Intelligence

to Flagged Events


Assign a Risk Assessment Value to High

Risk Events and Vulnerable Students


See a “Real Time” Wide Angle View of the Emotional Temperature of Your School

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Craft Student Habits through Interaction

Teaching with Technology Lets Teachers

Be an Example of Digital Citizenship


Effectively Design Visually Beautiful Tests

and Quizzes with Test Designer


Share Created Content with

Other Teachers

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Manage Student Printer Use

Monitor Building Energy Use

Monitor Application Use, Save

Money on Licenses


Administrators Can Make Informed

Decisions on Hardware

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Turn Multiple Devices On/Off

One-click Monitoring of

Your Whole Class

Send Instant Messages to All

Desktops and Devices Instantly

Free Tech Console Lets Technicians

See the While School

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Read more about SchoolVue VueAlert


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