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Simple, powerful browser based help desk and ticketing solution for corporations and schools. 

In todays world school districts invest significantly on classroom technology and district infrastructure. Add the increase in reliance on 1 : 1 or "Bring Your Own Device" programs and providing effective support for users becomes critical.

From the developers of the award-winning classroom management tool, CrossTec SchoolVue, ResQDesk helps you respond to your daily district support challenges by providing the processes needed to help you increase the uptime of classroom tech and back office systems. 

Incident Management:

Customers can log incidents on-line and review current status in real time.

Automated Incoming/Outgoing email processing.

Automatic assignment of incidents to operators based on pre-defined customer rules for either Problem Type or User Type.

Automatic escalation of incidents based on customer-specific rules.

Structured notes history for an incident with source identifiers (telephone, email and more) for each additional entry within the item's lifecycle.

Use in conjunction with CrossTec EMS to retrieve a full Hardware and Software Inventory for each user's system.

Attach, store and associate files to an incident.

Avoid duplicating effort by connecting multiple related incidents.

Automatic priority assignment for new incidents.

Accurate recording of time spent dealing with incidents.

Prioritized Help Requests for users and incident types together with easy operator allocation.

Help Request logging with customizable categories for easy input.

Pre-populated incident templates.

Pre-populated solutions database enables customers to search for an answer before they log an incident.

Change Management:

Automated workflow processes ensure appropriate communication, reporting and approval mechanisms are in place at each stage of the lifecycle.

User Management:

Active Directory synchronization.

Allow end users to generate ServiceDesk logon accounts or restrict generation of end user accounts to Administrators and ServiceDesk operators.

Import user departments and companies from other systems into ResQDesk.

Assign operators to specific companies and departments in the user hierarchy.

Pre-define the members of a Change Advisory Board (CAB) for each category of change request.

Problem Management:

Improved reliability of services.

A reduction in the volume of reported incidents, thus lightening the load on your help desk.

Delivery of permanent solutions rather than constant workarounds.

Improved customer satisfaction.

Increased knowledge within the service desk.

Service Level Management:

Establish condition-based workflow rules for incidents, problems and change requests that are continually checked against stored SLAs.

Give instant visibility to imminent service bottlenecks to ensure relevant items can be actioned before impacting on service performance.

Gather historical and real-time data on service performance.

Tracking and reporting service performance against SLAs on an ongoing basis.

Escalations and Notifications:

Send email notifications using fully customizable email templates.

Automatic escalation of incident based on customer-specific rules.

Many companies are coming to understand the benefits of a single vendor solution. 

There are many benefits to streamlining your operations with a single vendor. Aside from the simplicity of having one phone number, one voice, or one point of contact, utilizing products from the same development team eliminates compatibility problems and allows the vendor to deliver whole new feature sets in a shorter time frame. The single vendor concept reduces the effort and money invested in seeking multiple points of purchase and makes for better end point users with faster deployment and staff training. 

CrossTec Remote Control® and EMS and ResQDesk Software create one desktop support platform. 

Simple to use and cost effective IT Asset Management with EMS. Hardware and software inventory, software and Internet metering, energy monitoring, and software distribution combined with integrated best of breed Remote Control designed for complex environments and flexible ResQDesk HTML ticketing provides a comprehensive window on your assets.

Download these products and try them together in your environment HERE.

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