5 Ways to Better Manage Your Virtual Classroom

1. Structure is key.

The more structure you have in place, the less grey area students have to wander. A simple way to do this is to have a detailed outline of what you have planned for your lesson. SchoolVue makes this easy with the ability to plan your lesson in advance and share it with students. Breaking down learning into manageable chunks, and sharing with students ahead of time helps to set their expectations.

2. Establish classroom expectations.

Similar to having a solid structure, having a well-defined list of expectations will make sure students and teachers are on the same page. Teachers and students can collaborate on class expectations and notebooks together with SchoolVue. This offers students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and behavior in class, while the teacher can fully monitor actions.

3. Address behaviors early.

Kids will be kids, there will be mishaps. The trick is not letting them become bigger distractions, SchoolVue offers the ability to restrict certain websites and applications as needed. If you have already created your classroom expectations, you can give rewards during class to those students who are abiding by the expectations. Make sure to send reminders through SchoolVue to students who are having difficulties with what was previously discussed and established.

4. Be available.

In a virtual classroom, it’s still important that teachers are “present” when students are working independently. This way, students know that they can check in with you, or that you could be checking in on them. With SchoolVue students can send messages directly to the teacher and vice versa. Teachers also can monitor students screens to make sure they are staying on task. This helps ensure students are staying focused and working appropriately.

5. Engage your audience.

Teachers know that the best way to avoid disruptions is to have an interesting and interactive lesson plan. This is made easy with SchoolVue, students can participate in group questions and first to answer, game show style questions. You will also be competing with more distractions than usual, SchoolVue allows you to blank a students screen or freeze it on an important topic to ensure they are paying attention. Making the switch to SchoolVue will go a long way in bettering your virtual classroom management.

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