7 Reasons You Need Classroom Management Software


Students who use technology in the classroom tend to be more engaged. When schools have a device for every student, students benefit because technology can be integrated seamlessly into the curriculum. Teachers are increasingly turning to use interactive software and programs as learning technologies so that students can respond to questions and lectures digitally. In addition, this makes education and fun and engaging as they earn rewards through interactive lessons.


Technology makes it easier for students to collaborate and save their work. Traditionally, when students collaborated, they may have created posters or notes of their work together. However, technology allows students to create digital collections of research and ideas. They can draw and write together in the same program, creating documents and projects that are fully collaborative.


A huge benefit of educational technology for teachers is automation. You can upload lessons into SchoolVue for students to access on their own time. Online assessments make grading easy for the teacher and ultimately saves time. Teachers are always looking for ways to find more time in the day, and technology can assist in big ways.


Using technology allows students to access what they need when they need it. Word processors do not need to be sharpened and online books do not get lost. Technology allows students instant access to all the materials they need, saving time, space and mental effort.


Technology allows some students to be included in the classroom in ways they have never been before. Many students who receive special education can benefit from technology that helps them write, spell, read and do mathematical computation. On top of this, SchoolVue encourages in group work in a fun and educational manner. As technology becomes more prevalent in schools, students who use a laptop for help will not stand out or seem out of place.

Save Money

SchoolVue eliminates the high costs of classroom training. Schools can cut their L&D budgets with the exclusion of printing out learning materials as they would for classroom-based programs. The costs of using SchoolVue are also fairly limited. For example, updates for SchoolVue are usually automatic, saving schools the money, time, and potential problems associated with upgrading a system themselves.

Save Time

It’s been estimated that e-learning saves up to 45% of your schools time in comparison to traditional classroom learning. Transforming your classroom into a centralized hub can open up your schedule and help you through the day.

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