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Via email at

Toll-Free technical support questions please call us at 800-675-0729 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern). Outside of North America please call: 561-391-6560. Se Habla Español.

CHAT with a technician via the chat button at the bottom of this page.


Product Flyers:

SchoolVue Classroom Management

SchoolVue Classroom Management + SchoolVue EMS eSafety and IT Asset Management

Vue X
Remote Control

White Papers, How-To's, and General Information:


SchoolVue | Education

*NEW Whitepaper - Technology Can Help Combat Bullying in Your School

*NEW Whitepaper - Helping Teachers Follow the ISTE Standards for Educators

*NEW Whitepaper - Centrally Configuring SchoolVue for ChromeBook Teachers

*NEW Whitepaper - Centrally Configuring SchoolVue for ChromeBook Students

*NEW Whitepaper - CrossTec SchoolVue SIS Integration Guide

Using SchoolVue in Wireless, Multi VLAN, and One-to-One Environments
SchoolVue Feature List
SchoolVue Family Feature/Compatibility Chart
Configuring SchoolVue for use with Virtual or NComputing type environments
Configuring SchoolVue for use with Chromebooks
Use, Monitor and Control Online Resources and the Internet Within the Modern Classroom
Effective Classroom and Library Printer Management
CrossTec SchoolVue: How to change to Quiet and Silent Mode
White Lists & Proxy Servers - Internet/Web Security Whitepaper 

Edvidi Chromebook Monitoring

Better Teaching in a Chromebook Classroom

Managing Chromebooks in the Classroom

7 Ways Cloud-based Classroom Management Can Help with eLearning

View the Edvidi Terms of Use

Remote Control

CrossTec Remote Control Feature List
Using the CrossTec Remote Control Gateway
Configuring CrossTec Remote Control for use with Chromebooks
Configuring Remote Control for use with Virtual or NComputing type environments
CrossTec Remote Control and Your PCI Compliance Strategy
Remote Control - Network Efficiency and Security
Beyond Remote Control - Take Remote Control to the Next Level
Secure Remote Control - Security Features for Enterprise Remote Access and Control
Providing Immediate ROI and Productivity Gains with Remote Control
Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Remote Control Software for a Compliant IT Infrastructure
HIPAA: Remote Access Compliancy


EMS - Realized Cost Savings for CIOs
Asset and Inventory Management for Education - Seven Questions to Consider

Current Version Software Manuals and Quickstarts:
CrossTec SchoolVue
CrossTec VueX
CrossTec Secure
CrossTec VueAlert
CrossTec EMS
CrossTec Remote Control 

Software Change/Update Documents:
CrossTec SchoolVue Change List
CrossTec SchoolVue Mobile Change List
CrossTec VueX Change List
CrossTec Secure Change List
CrossTec VueAlert Change List
CrossTec EMS Change List
CrossTec Remote Control Change List
CrossTec Remote Control Mobile Change List
CrossTec Remote Control Mac/Linux Change List 

Case Studies and User Stories:
Using SchoolVue to Demonstrate Autodesk Inventor in the Classroom
Using SchoolVue as a Tool for Productive Learning in the Classroom
Seattle Vocational Institute User Story


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