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Instant Alerting

via Desktop and

Device Notification 

Get Your Message Out There in an Instant

Allows an administrator to deliver within seconds a clear and concise message or instruction

to all connected computers, specific users/devices or selected departments.

To support your message, clickable links to websites and network resources can also be


Each message can carry a priority level and a request for acknowledgment. The delivered message automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can be accompanied by an audible alert to ensure attention is gained (this can be repeated every five seconds just to make sure!). The message will be squared and centred on recipient desktops, with the option to display full screen on unattended displays.


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Deliver Messages Across Multiple Devices and Desktops at the Same Time


The need to deliver reliable and effective messaging across a campus has never been more essential. With staff and students potentially utilizing a mixture of hardware and software and the use of unattended digital public information displays becoming commonplace, it's good to know that a SchoolVue® VueAlert message can be received on all or selected systems with one single send.


From the school office, classrooms or on the move, you can send notifications from a Windows desktop/laptop and, with our dedicated mobile apps, any Android/iOS tablet or smartphone. Deliver instantly to Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops as well as digital information screens.


Reporting and Tracking

All delivered messages are recorded centrally, registering both the time the message was delivered and acknowledged by the user. In seconds you can view all delivered messages, filter those of interest, review a full list of recipients and, if needed, export a summary for future analysis.

Schedule Alerts in Advance

Routine alerts can be pre-scheduled for a fixed time and date in the future or be applied on a recurring basis, hourly, daily weekly etc. These are ideal for campus-wide events such as fire drills or routine IT system downtime.

For Added Security

VueAlert is increasingly used as an outbound classroom notification tool, allowing a teacher to send an immediate notification directly to their tech support team, the front office or senior staff requesting assistance in the classroom. This provides a much quicker and more effective approach than sending students out of the class to locate staff.But when time really is of the essence and typing a lengthy message is out of the question, VueAlert offers additional peace of mind. Systems can be configured with a ready-made "emergency response" message that can be quickly sent to the required recipient by simply typing a hotkey combination.

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