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Vue X Classroom Management and SchoolVue eSafety and IT Asset Management for Macs and Linux

Vue X Classroom Management for Mac and Linux

Classroom management software has been proven to improve learning by giving students more time on lessons and providing educators with more efficient us of teaching time.

Vue X Classroom Management software provides teachers with an instant, on demand connection to their students Mac or Linux technology. Teachers can eliminate inappropriate technology use and wasted class time while gaining the most reliable and efficient monitoring tool in for 1:1 environments.


SchoolVue EMS extends the eSafety and Asset Management platform to Macs. 

Classroom Management Features for Mac and Linux Labs


View Student Screens in Real-Time
Instant Messenger Monitoring
Application Metering & Control
Internet Metering and Control
Powerful Remote Control


Power On or Off All Classroom PCs from the Teacher PC
Perform a Remote Log-off on All PCs
Send a Remote Log-in To All Student PCs at the Beginning of Class
Blank Student Screens to Get Attention
Lock the Students Mouse and Keyboard When Instructing
Automatically Reconnect to Student PCs on Reboot
Use Layouts So the Teacher PC Represents the Layout of the Physical Classroom
Use Individual Teacher Profiles to Deliver the Features Needed by Each Teacher
Give Students Visual Rewards to Encourage Effort or Behavior


Real Time Instruction
Homework Manager
Group or 1:1 Chat

Student Register:

Request Standard or Custom Information at the Beginning of Class
Distribute Files to Multiple PCs in a Single Action
View a Student Summary by "Mousing Over" the Student Icon
Customized Icons for Individual or Groups of Students

SchoolVue EMS eSafety and IT Asset Management for Mac featutes:

This version supports EMS’ primary capabilities including:

Safeguarding Keyword Monitoring (Education version) – This tool helps schools protect students from being exposed to inappropriate online content. It alerts staff when students type or search for any terms that match with those in the DNA keyword database, providing safeguarding and internet safety indicators for self-harm, bullying, radicalization, Child Sexual exploitation - and much more.

Safeguarding Report a Concern (Education version) - Students can report concerns directly and discreetly to nominated school staff.

Real-time Monitoring - An Admin or Teacher via the Console can view a real-time summary of all Mac devices. Selected devices can be viewed either in a detailed list view or via real-time thumbnails of each device screen.

Internet Metering - A summary of Internet activity via the extension is recorded, including start and finish times for each URL visited and the active time spent on a page.

Hardware Inventory - When a Mac is launched on a device, an inventory is dynamically sent to EMS.

Enterprise Alerting - Real-time alerts enable Console operators to immediately identify any user who has triggered a Safeguarding keyword.

Activity - Console operators can see a chronological view of device activity for a selected time period, including triggered Safeguarding phrases.

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