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Specializing in challenging or compliance limiting environments, with CrossTec Remote Control® software you can easily and securely reach any desktop or server from a multitude of mobile or stationary platforms. 

See and control remote PC screens, inventory hardware and software, launch applications or chat with someone at the remote PC -- just as if you were seated at that computer. CrossTec's Communication Gateway provides secure and stable access from remote locations. Access more than a single PC remotely, and no expensive hardware. 

Understand your IT assets with comprehensive software tools that save money and work cycles through better intel and instantaneous and secure remote access to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. 

Monitoring Systems with Interactive Thumbnails

The Monitor Mode feature allows a user to display a thumbnail view of all connected Client workstations simultaneously. The size of these thumbnails can be adjusted to suit. In addition, the user can mouse over a specific thumbnail for an expanded view of each selected PC. This unique feature allows a user to keep a constant eye on target systems and immediately identify whether intervention is required. The view also provides key visual information such as OS type, network address, WiFi signal strength and battery life (where appropriate), the current logged-on user and the computer name for easy identification. Users can even choose to view a selected monitor from multi-monitor systems. This view can be switched to Icon Mode, where all known devices are listed and overlaid with optional OS icons, location flags, WiFi and battery details, and more.

Fast, Stable, and Secure Remote Control

Watch, Share or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any PC irrespective of colour depth, resolution or operating system. CrossTec Remote Control delivers the fastest and most secure remote control available. During a remote control session, capture screenshots, annotate the screen to highlight areas of focus for an end user or use the Audio functions on multimedia-capable PCs to talk to your users while providing support. Best of all, record your remote control session and store as a replay file for future use. For training purposes, CrossTec Remote Control can also do the reverse of Remote Control: namely, "show" the Control screen back to all selected end users, delivering a simple and powerful instructional training tool. Show the full desktop, a selected monitor or just a selected application to any number of connected computers in real time. Utilise a range of on-screen annotation tools to aid in your presentation or training.

Remote Inventory and System Information

A user can obtain a real-time view of the hardware and software installed on each remote PC workstation directly from within their CrossTec Control. CrossTec Remote Control collects over 80 items of information, specifically about the hardware or environment of each PC. In addition, a full software inventory of current installed applications is provided as well as all installed OS hot fixes. To aid further in remote support and diagnostics, a user can also remotely view and, security permitting, control applications in memory, all processes running and currently installed services.

Geo Location

New to CrossTec Remote Control is a simple but flexible feature aimed at making the grouping of remote devices much easier for companies supporting multiple sites. When a user connects to a remote PC, if enabled, the location of the device will be calculated based on its external details. This information allows CrossTec Remote Control to provide an approximate location of each remote device, displaying the town, state and country (with supporting flag) within the Control application. Devices are automatically grouped by country for easier management. The feature can be enabled or disabled at both the Control and Client or simply managed via Group Policy.

Auto-Grouping of Remote Systems

The Control "tree view" provides an instant overview of your IT infrastructure by grouping the remote systems based on pre-defined criteria such as Operating System, PC type (laptop, all-in-one, desktop, tablet, virtual PC etc), even country. In addition, all devices are auto-grouped by CrossTec version, ensuring upgrades are easy to manage. As you would expect, users can create groups themselves to reflect their own company structure as well as having quick access to a "recent" list of connected devices. 

Integration with CrossTec EMS IT Asset Management

Understand your IT assets with comprehensive software tools that save money and work cycles through better intel and instantaneous and secure remote access to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices, among others. 

Simple to use and cost effective IT Asset Management with EMS. Hardware and software inventory, software and Internet metering, energy monitoring, and software distribution are just a few of the capabilities of this enterprise level ITAM tool. Try if free HERE

Chats, Messages, Audio Support and Help Requests Decrease Desktop Downtime

Within CrossTec Remote Control, a user can conduct a two-way chat session between any number of selected users in either text or full audio mode. Should the Chat recipient not respond, an audible alert can be sent to each workstation. The Chat progress can be sent to late arrivals using the "Send Discussion History" feature and, of course, the contents of a Chat session can be stored for future reference. A user can also send a text-based message to one or more chosen PCs, or even broadcast to all PCs on the network - ideal for alerting your users about an impending server shutdown or similar. CrossTec Remote Control features extended audio support allowing one-way talk, listen or full bi-directional audio conversations (both within and outside of a remote control session), as well as seamless streaming of the remote PC's audible application sounds. Audio support is available over all LAN/WAN and internet-based communications. End users can also, when enabled, send help requests directly to your helpdesk when they need assistance. The help request can either be sent to all available CrossTec operators, or directed to specific operators based on user-defined accounts. Incoming requests are displayed within the CrossTec Remote Control Control UI.

File Transfers

A user can transfer files between their PC and a user's workstation using a simple drag and drop interface - even drop a file directly onto the desktop when viewing a remote machine. Directories can be automatically synchronised on two workstations and appropriate file types can be edited. CrossTec Remote Control utilizes intelligent Delta File Transfer to reduce data transfer times when overwriting files that already exist, by checking individual blocks of data within a file and only transferring changed data. Moving files from one PC to another may be useful, but the real benefits come with CrossTec Remote Control's ability to copy files from one PC to many in a single action - or "File Distribution". A user can distribute files or folders from their PC to multiple Client PCs simultaneously with the minimum of effort. Using this feature, files can be distributed to all connected Client (end user) PCs, selected PCs or a pre-defined group. Files can also be quickly dropped onto the desktop or 'My Documents' folder. The latest version of CrossTec Remote Control also features live folders. When initiating a file transfer to a remote PC, the path to any open folders (Explorer windows) on its desktop is displayed at the top of the file transfer view to ease quick selection.

Many companies are coming to understand the benefits of a single vendor solution. 

There are many benefits to streamlining your operations with a single vendor. Aside from the simplicity of having one phone number, one voice, or one point of contact, utilizing products from the same development team eliminates compatibility problems and allows the vendor to deliver whole new feature sets in a shorter time frame. The single vendor concept reduces the effort and money invested in seeking multiple points of purchase and makes for better end point users with faster deployment and staff training. 

CrossTec Remote Control® and EMS Software create one desktop support platform. 

Simple to use and cost effective IT Asset Management with EMS. Hardware and software inventory, software and Internet metering, energy monitoring, and software distribution combined with integrated best of breed Remote Control designed for complex environments provides a comprehensive window on your assets.

Download these products and try them together in your environment HERE.